Are you really dressed? Vanda Michael in a leather dress..!

Actresses who used to act on small screen are not that popular among people. But now due to the development of social networking sites, many actresses are popularizing themselves among people very easily. Despite being such a small screen actress, actress Vandana Michael is popular among people.

Actress Vandana made her debut through the television series Anandham. He played the role of Willy in the serial. Usually the character of Willy is so popular.

Chances of Willy appearing:

But even though he played the role of Willy in this serial, he gave a great performance that people liked. Following this, more opportunities started coming to him after Anandam serial. After that he acted as Willy in Thangam serial.

vandana michael

Dhangam Serial brought him more recognition. He played Willy in all the serials that followed. After that, Vandana played the role of Willy in serials like Kadhal to Kalyanam, Mella Authudu Dooor.

But in reality it is said that he will be a negative person for the character he is playing. Does anyone who actually talks to him play Willy? They will ask in surprise.

In real life:

Vandana Michael is said to be the most mellow to that extent. She fell in love with Michael Thangadurai who acted in Nalanum Nandiniyum and married him in 2011.

She continues to act in serials even after marriage. He has also participated in some small screen shows on Vijay TV. Vandana, who was a bit overweight before Corona, lost her weight during the Corona period and appeared in front of fans looking almost like a movie actress.


Vandana used to publish many different photos to always be popular among the fans, so currently the photo she has published wearing skin color clothes is trending the most.


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