It must be difficult.. it must be perusal.. did you hear what Reshma Pasubuleti said..?

Reshma Pasupuletty is busy in Tamil cinema and serials. Older sister to actor Bobby Simha, Reshma first worked as a newsreader on news television.

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Then in 2015, he made his debut in the film world with the film Masala released in Tamil. Later in 2016 she played the role of ‘Pushpa’ in Vishnu Vishal starrer ‘Velainnu Vandutta Vellakaran’ and became more popular among Tamil cinema fans.

He has acted in many films like Go 2, Sandal Kayiru 2, Thirhikku Varada Kathi and participated in the Bigg Boss series which was aired on Vijay TV in 2019.

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Chances in Serial:

It gave him an opportunity to act in the serial ‘Bakhyaletchumi’ which started airing from 2020 on the same Vijay TV. Since then till today Reshma who continues to act in Bhakyalekshmi serial has increased her family audience.

reshma pasupuleti 1

Although acting in the serial attracted the family audience, Reshma did not fail to attract the youth on the other hand. What TV serials are to adults, Instagram is to youngsters.

Reshma Pasupuletti has a habit of uploading many hot photos on Instagram. Reshma’s Instagram page has more than 15 lakh followers.

reshma pasupuleti 4


Reshma continues to be active on the Instagram page by making reels and uploading photos. From time to time he also posts some clich├ęd photoshoot photos.

reshma pasupuleti 5

Recently, Reshma Pasupuletty, who posted a similar photo, captioned it as, “The work you do should be hard.. You should always have hope in your dreams.”

While Reshma Pasubuletti has published a photo of her wearing a white and rose combination saree with the caption, many people are showering comments praising Reshma’s beauty in the caption.


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