Because of this, even my true love will not be believed.. Anjali is painful..!

Actress Anjali made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema with the 2007 Tamil film Kattadu. Anjali from Andhra Pradesh got more opportunities and reception in Tamil cinema than in Telugu.

Although the Tamil movie Kattatu did not give good success, his role as Anandi was widely talked about, and then he acted in movies like Angadi Teru, Redtai Suli, Dongananagaram.

Success in Tamil Cinema:

But it was only after 2011 that the movies he starred in started getting more reception. After that, he acted in films like Engiyum Sami, Kalakalappu which were well received.


Anjali is currently acting in many Tamil movies. In this situation, the movie Games of Godavari, in which he acted in Telugu, is going to hit the screens soon. Talking about this film in an interview, he said that there is always a joy when a film that he has worked hard for is released.

Acting Movies:

If the same movie becomes a hit, that happiness will increase many times. After Gangs of Godavari I have acted in Game Changer directed by Shankar.

That movie will also release soon. Following this, Ram’s Yehu Kadal Yehumalai starring Nivin Pauly will release in July. I am not in the habit of dividing cinema by language.

anjali 1 3

marital status:

Anjali says that she is acting in all language films. Then when he was asked questions about marriage, they already arranged three or four marriages for me on the internet. At first, my family was a bit scared when such marriage rumors started circulating on the internet.

But eventually they got used to it all. Now even if I take a boy and say I love him, they won’t believe me in my house. Actress Anjali says that I have to act in many more films so I will get married late.


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