Children are in danger.. This is why I broke up with Ramarajan.. Nalini’s claim is the reason..!

Actress Nalini was seen as a famous actress in Tamil cinema during the 80s and she acted in various movies in Malayalam as well as Tamil.

A native of Chennai, she was a producer, actress and comedian who showed her talent in many dimensions.

Actress Nalini:

She became a famous actress in Tamil who acted in pairs with many star heroes including Sarathkumar, Vijayakanth, Mohan.

He has also acted in many films with Malayalam actor Mohanlal Mammootty.


In 1987, Nalini fell in love with and married Ramarajan, a popular actor of Tamil cinema.

At first it was Ramarajan who came to Nalini and told his love. Later, Nalini’s family comes to know that these two are in love and Nalini’s family opposes it.

Secret marriage with Ramarajan:

But Nalini was very much in love with Ramarajan and married him against her parents.

Later they had two children Aruna and Arun. Both of them who were living very happily as husband and wife even after getting married and having a child, suddenly got divorced due to disagreements.


The reason for their divorce has never been made public and even after the divorce, Nalini has spoken highly of her husband in many interviews.

He has openly said that he wants Ramarajan to be my husband even if he has love and another life.

The grounds for divorce are:

Fans are wondering why this couple who is so much in love broke up and what is the reason for their separation.

That’s why even in the marriages of daughter Aruna and Arun, Ramarajan came and got married.

They come with so much respect. So far, Nalini has not spoken about the reason for their divorce anywhere in public.

Now he has broken the secret truth for the first time. Aam has told the truth about why she and her husband got divorced for the first time.

That means our division is due to our horoscope. We both broke up because the timing was not right between us.

And because the horoscope said that it is good for us if we separate and it is not good if the children are born with the father, we both talked and separated.

Even after 7 births He is my husband:

He has great faith in horoscopes. If only he knew what I was thinking right now.

To that extent he has great faith in horoscopes. Even if it takes 7 births, I want him as my husband.

Even though we are apart, our love lives on. Nalini said in that interview that we are joining hands in many good things.


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