I want to act like that! Open hearted Keerthy Suresh!

Keerthy Suresh: Actress Keerthy Suresh has expressed her desire to choose challenging characters.

Although the market for actress Keerthy Suresh is not what it was in the early days, film opportunities are continuously piling up for her. In that way, he has films like Raghu Datta, Revolver Rita, Kannivedi in Tamil and Baby John in Hindi.

Each film seems to be a film with a different storyline. In this context, Keerthy Suresh has talked about the characters he wants to play next and Mahanadi film in an interview given to a YouTube channel. Talking about this, he said, “Like the character I played in ‘Mahanadi’ films, I have been showing more interest in choosing different roles with more responsibility.

Usually, some of the roles that we take on in films can completely change the perspective of the actor or actress in their career. If we act in such films, we will continue to get such characters.

Such characters will guide them. Such is the strength of odd, very good characters. Even after all these years, I have not been able to forget the impact that character had on me after I finished acting in ‘Mahanadi’. You can’t expect to get a chance to play such a character continuously. Keerthy Suresh also said that I am giving priority to playing challenging roles.


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