Chilku is still in love.. Vijayalakshmi in a cutie dress never seen before..!

Actress Vijayalakshmi is a great actress who has acted in Tamil and Malayalam movies. After his early days in Kannada films, he got an opportunity to act in Tamil and Malayalam films.

itsvg 1Born in Chennai, he has acted in over 40 films after completing his schooling in the state of Karnataka. He has acted in more than 25 Kannada films.

Actress Vijayalakshmi..

She made her debut in the film Nagamandala and got a good reach after co-starring Prakash Raj in the film.

As far as Tamil films are concerned, he has acted in the films Friends and Suri and in the year 2010, he became everyone’s favorite by acting in the film Bass called Bhaskaran.

itsvg 2Apart from the big screen, he has also acted in small screen serials and acted as a host in Bangara Da Beda, a Telugu TV game show produced by Radan.

Chilku is still dead..

He can be busy on social media too and often wears colorful clothes and takes photo shoots and posts them on his Instagram page.

Also, since the number of fans who follow his Instagram page is high, he will post new photos from time to time and act according to the taste of the fans.

itsvg 3In that way, he is currently wearing a small outfit and posting photos showing his body in such and such a way, wearing cooling glasses in a way that can pull the fans’ hearts.

All the fans who keep drooling after seeing the photo are telling Chilku to keep it as Namma Vijayalakshmi forever.

Klu Klu pose in cutie dress..

The beauty of the front and thighs look beautiful in this photo, which makes them want to see it again and again, so they don’t know which beauty to look at first.

itsvg 4Currently, this photo is seen all over the internet and it has spread like wild fire and has created a lot of likes among the fans.

If you also see this photo, you will surely start enjoying him by singing songs as if you were mesmerized.

Also, some fans are sharing that his view is that he can take drugs without hitting the goods and he has not published such photos till now.

itsvg 5It is said that there are opportunities for him to get new film opportunities for these photos.

Some other fans are sharing his photos with their friends by singing lyrics like Bidichiruru unge meku pidichiruru and are basking in the utmost happiness.


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