Where is Tres..? For a minute the head was hammered.. Vani Bojan got down to glamor and died..!

Vani Bhojan, who is currently one of the emerging actresses in the Tamil film industry, started out as a model. After this, she became a small screen actress and acted in many commercial films.

vanibhojan 1
After Vani Bhojan made her debut in Vijay TV serial Aaga, she acted in Jaya TV serial Maya and Sun TV serial Deivamamal.

Actress Vani Bhojan..

Vani Bhojan became a famous person among the fans when she acted in the series Deivamaal. And after seeing her performance, all the housewives thought of her as their housemaid.

Born and brought up in Ooty, she worked as a maid in Kingfisher Airlines for three years and worked non-stop in the advertising industry.

vanibhojan 2
In this case, he got an opportunity to act in movies. In that way, in the year 2010, Seerum completed the role of Avantika in the movie Or Nath.

She who can be called the Nayanthara of small screen, but she acted in the movie Akahamar 79 in 2012, but became popular among the fans with the movie O My God, which was released in 2020.

Where did the dress go?

She can be very busy on social media and often doesn’t hesitate to post photos and videos wearing colorful clothes.

vanibhojan 3
In that way, after seeing the photos that he is currently posting, where is the dress?

Vani Potanai’s photos of her dying in that much glamor have gone viral on the internet and have made us wonder if all this makes us yearn.

vanibhojan 4
Vani Bhojan who comes down in glamor..

Also, it is said that the pose given by him by hiding his eyes in the side pose in free hair is tempting the fans and has also caused a chemical change.

All the fans who may have said that just by looking at the photo, such thoughts come to them, have requested us not to change us by posting such photos.

vanibhojan 5
After this, the fans who have given likes to these photos, which do not get boring no matter how many times they see them, are saying that more new film opportunities will come to him.


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