Do you know who is the mixer uncle of Nattami movie? KS Ravikumar Open Doc..!

In the 90s, KS Ravikumar’s movies have a special mouse. His movies are different and comedic and become huge hits.

In that way, the 1994 film ‘Natamai’ directed by KS Ravikumar will feature Sarathkumar as the hero and Asathi in dual roles.

Also, Kushboo, Meena, Manorama, Goundamani, Senthil, Vaishnavi, Ponnambalam, Rani etc. will play important roles.

Nathama movie:

Sarathkumar was the leader of the town who gave justice to everyone and earned everyone’s praise.

nattamai movie

This film made him a good name and fame. In this case, famous director KS Ravikumar has said in a recent interview about the character of ‘Micher’ uncle in the film.

And KS Ravikumar has shared many interesting information about the way the character was created and who he is.

Senthil and Goundamani will be acting as comedy actors in Nathama. Senthil will play the role of Goundamani’s father in this.

Senthil Goundamani Comedy:

When Senthil goes to visit his son Kaundamani, he learns that the girl’s mother is Senthil’s ex-girlfriend and that the bride is the one born to Senthil.

Looking at it like that, the bride becomes the younger sister of Countamani. This will be known to everyone there only after going there. There will be a huge problem.

When such a big problem is going on, one person in the crowd is sitting alone and eating leftovers.

nattamai movie1

Then the countess who noted it, who is eating micher as if nothing is happening when so many sittings are going on? to ask,

Tell me that this is the bride’s mother. I have been watching this man for 20 years so that my child does not have initial problems when your father leaves.

How Mitcher Mama Character Was Created:

Even when they say that, the uncle eats without realizing it.

At the time of the film’s release, the comedy scene was a huge hit with everyone. It is still used by meme creators to this day.

KS Ravikumar is talking about who this person is. That mixer uncle used to work as an electrician at the shooting spot.

nattamai movie2

If he sits in front of the light, he will turn on the fifth light switch, and if he turns on the seventh light switch, he will turn it on. Apart from that he will not do any other work.

He is sitting where he is sitting. Seeing this I scolded him. Can you get up and change the light?

Do you know who is Uncle Mixer?

Can’t work on something else? When asked… I will not do all that sir, I will only do the work for electrician electricity, he said.

Unable to answer him, I kept it in my mind. Then he came when I said I have a scene for you go and change your dress.

Immediately put a micher plate in his hand and when I say tag, put this micher in his mouth and keep moving his mouth here and there.

I said that is enough. As I said he did great. The film was also released and his scene was widely talked about.

nattamai movie3

To this day it is used as a template for memes greater. At the time of the release of the film, he came with a tambourine and saw me.

This is how this character was created, KS Ravikumar told a very interesting thing as a comedy. This interview is currently going viral on the internet.


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