Mani Ratnam who comes down for Thak Life.! We did not expect this…

Thak Life : There are reports that director Mani Ratnam is shooting Thak Life completely locally instead of his usual style.

Kamal Haasan and director Mani Ratnam teamed up after a long time with ‘Thug Life’ and the expectations for the film are high. On the one hand, the two of them have teamed up, but on the other hand, many celebrities including Simbu, Trisha, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Ashok Selvan are acting in the film.

The title teaser of the film was also already released. While the shooting of the film is going on in full swing, information about the type of film has been released. Accordingly, the film ‘Thug Life’ will never be like Mani Ratnam’s film. It will be a quality local gangster film. That’s how Mani Ratnam is currently directing the film.

Usually director Mani Ratnam’s films are all A classics. Even the villain character of his films is such a stylish character. But Thak Life is not like that. It will be completely local. From the villain in the film, all the characters will be local characters.

Director Mani Ratnam is taking this film as a new attempt to attract everyone to that extent. This information was reported by a popular YouTube channel, Webchat. Netizens who have seen this information are saying that we did not expect this. Also, the release date of Thak Life is expected to be announced soon.


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