Entered the caravan and suddenly took off her clothes.. and showed it.. Kajal Aggarwal Bagheer information..!

Actress Kajal Aggarwal, who hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra, first started acting in Hindi films and later became a star actress in popular cinema.

She made her debut in the Indian film Ho Gaya Naa in 2004 and then made her debut in the Telugu film Lakshmi Kalyanam in 2007.

Actress Kajal Aggarwal:

The 2008 Tamil film Palani gave him his debut in Tamil cinema.

Although the film was not widely talked about, he continued to act in successive films without giving up his efforts.

kajal agarwal

Kajal Aggarwal’s film Mahatheera became a huge box office hit. Kajal Aggarwal started getting opportunities from many languages ​​after the release of Telugu film Chakkai Podu.

That is how he continued in Tamil. Saroja has acted in super movies like Pommalattam, Moti Phradhu, Naan Mahan Alla, Brindavanam, Singam, Mataan, Tupuni.

Tamil Movies:

He also became famous by acting opposite many star actors in various super hit movies including All In All Akkurraja, Jilla, Mari, Don’t Worry, Vivegam, Mersal.

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In Tamil cinema, Kajal retained her place as a leading actress by acting in pairs with star heroes like Ajith, Suriya and Vijay.

Meanwhile, actress Kajal Aggarwal fell in love with a business tycoon named Gautham Kichulu when she was at her peak in cinema.

After their marriage in 2020, they have a beautiful son named Neil.

Marriage to businessman:

Kajal Aggarwal is continuously busy as an actress in the film industry.

Currently she is acting in the movie Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan. The film is releasing soon.

In this case, Kajal Aggarwal has told one of the worst experiences that happened to her. that is,

While I was shooting, one of my assistant directors suddenly entered my caravan without permission.

Not only that, he immediately took off the shirt he was wearing and showed his love with a tattoo of my name on his chest.

Even though it showed the love he had for me, the way he showed it was not right and I was very scared.

Assistant Director of Offenses:

I gently warned him of this. I am very happy with what you have done but the way you have done it is wrong.

kajal agarwal2

When the actresses are inside the caravan they may be changing their clothes or sleeping.

In the interview, Kajal Aggarwal said with great sadness that if men suddenly trespassed, how difficult the situation would be for them.


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