Aishwarya second marriage soon..? Is the groom this director..?

Aishwarya Rajinikanth, the elder daughter of superstar Rajinikanth, fell in love with actor Dhanush in 2004 and got married with the consent of her parents.

It is noteworthy that before she fell in love with Dhanush, she was in love with actor Simbu. Then Aishwarya took off Simbu and stretched out his neck to Dhanush as he was the boy his parents looked after him.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth:

Their married life was going well and two boys were born. Yatra Linga has two sons.

aishwarya dhanush 2

Dhanush and Aishwarya shocked the couple by announcing that they were going to live separately when they had grown sons.

Dhanush is currently the top star of Tamil cinema. He is continuously acting in various super hit movies.

Dhanush, who has been a leading actress in Tamil cinema, continues to focus on acting in Bollywood and Hollywood films.

Meanwhile, he has been showing his talent in various fields including production, acting, singing.

Aishwarya as Director:

Aishwarya also made her directorial debut in Tamil cinema by directing 3 movies. As both of them have been busy, there has been a difference of opinion between the two.

aishwarya dhanush 3

So they shocked by announcing that they are going to live separately. Almost 6 months after their announcement, they filed a petition in the Family Welfare Court for formal divorce.

This news also went viral on social media.

At this time, Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s parents have decided to get married.

A second turn soon:

That’s why there are reports that they are in a hurry to get a divorce soon.

dhanush 12

A news spread that Aishwarya was very close and in love with an assistant director and decided to marry him.

It was said that this news which came out without any evidence is more likely to be a rumor.

No one spoke about it. So it ended up being a rumour.

However, it is certain that they are going to get divorced soon.

Dhanush Remarries Meena?

Similarly, the news that actor Dhanush is going to get married for the second time to Meena has been widely discussed.

It is noteworthy that when Meena lost her husband and was currently living alone, there were rumors that Dhanush and Meena were getting close and that they were going to get married for the second time.


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