Gautami Kamal Reel’s daughter in a two-piece swimming suit.. Attaadi atta..!

Actress Esther, who has acted extensively in Malayalam and Telugu language films, gained popularity by playing the reel daughter of Anil Gauthami and Kamal in the film.

ester 1
He started his film career with the movie Nallavan which was released in 2010.

Actress Esther Anil..

As far as Tamil is concerned, actress Esther Anil played the same character she did in Malayalam in Papanasam, a remake of Malayalam film Trishyam.

It was in this film that she played the reel daughter of Gautami and Kamal and won the hearts of the fans.

As far as Malayalam films are concerned, he has earned a place among the fans by acting in films like Dr., Love, The Metro and Mallu Sindhu.

estheranil 1 1
Many fans are waiting for Esther Anil, who has grown up and is now a big girl, to play the heroine in upcoming films.

Like other actresses, Esther Anil is very busy on social media pages. He always wears attractive clothes and conducts photo shoots and posts them on his social media pages.

Dripping wet body..

In that way, all the fans were completely oblivious to the fact that he showed his body dripping with moisture to protect himself from the scorching summer.

After this, they continue to sing the lyrics of what is beauty, how beautiful is it, how beautiful is it, how beautiful is it, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is, how beautiful it is.

estheranil 2 1
Did Esther not know what to taste first, looking at the pose with her hands raised in a side pose without looking at the food that is submerged up to her neck in the water? Or are the fans overwhelmed? Questions have arisen.

In a two piece swimsuit..

As this photo has the ability to inspire fans while watching it, fans have continuously seen this photo on the internet and turned it into one of the most viewed photos on the internet.

In this photo, the overall beauty of the Kattala mani is poetically described as looking like a lotus swaying in the water without breaking the band.

estheranil 1 1
Following this, the fans who have lost sleep at night after seeing this photo are saying that they are looking forward to the photo and want to see the place again and again.

These photos of her dripping wet mane have left fans in awe and have left a deep impression on the hearts of the fans.

If you see this photo, you will definitely not go without liking this photo. That amount is enough to tie you down.


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