I don’t like GV doing this..No matter what I say..Chaintavi broke it..!

It is not new that actors who can act in the film world fall in love with actresses. Similarly, GV Prakash, who was a music composer in the film world, fell in love with singer Chaindavi and got married.

Saindhavi 1Their love is not a mushroom that sprouted from yesterday’s rain. While they had said in interviews that the two had been in love since their school days, now many people expressed that they did not know the reason why the love turned into a mystery and went to divorce.

GV doesn’t like doing this..

The announcement that they were going to break up as a star couple in the world of screen has not only spread the internet like a wild fire but also created huge doubts in the minds of the fans.

Apart from that, they have been a long-time estranged ideal couple and a baby girl was recently born to them. Many people have put forward different kinds of criticism that they can live together for the sake of this child.

Saindhavi 3.webp
However, after their separation was confirmed, they published it on the website and said that they had taken this decision for peace of mind and for the betterment of their lives.

No matter how much you say..

After this, there have been various talks about what is the problem between them to the extent that they can get a divorce, now Chaitavi is shocked by telling the fact that GV Prakash is not listening to me no matter how much I say.

GV Prakash didn’t do it just by saying what he did. Fans are thinking from various angles that Chaindavi would have said that she did not like what GV Prakash had done.

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As long as GV Prakash was the music director there was no problem with Saindavi. After this, it has been revealed that there has been resentment between them since the days when they started making their mark in the film industry as actors.

I don’t like GV doing this after this. Chaindavi is telling me that no matter how much I say, I will not listen.

Chaindavi who broke the truth..

When Chaindavi told me about it, I knew that GV Prakash was going to act in the film, so I put some restrictions. I had put some conditions in it, especially on things like romance with heroines in films.

But he did not follow this condition. And no matter how much I say, he doesn’t take my word for it and has acted in intimate scenes in movies.

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GV Prakash’s ex-wife Chainthavi said in a recent interview that she continued to involve herself in such matters and acted in films without paying attention to it despite insisting that she didn’t like it.

After this, all the fans are saying that this is the reason for their division and Chaindavi is not wrong in what he said.

GV Prakash has been openly saying that while acting with the heroines in the film, he might have acted a bit subdued.


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