He is a homosexual.. I fell in love without knowing.. Heir film actress Bagheer..!

You might be familiar with actress Jayasudha who played Thalapathy Vijay’s mother in the Pongal release Varisu.

He was born in Tamil Nadu in a Telugu speaking family whose aunt is an actress.

jayasutha 1He also served as Congress MLA from Secunderabad constituency in Andhra Pradesh from 2009 to 2014.

Actress Jayasuda..

Actress Jayasudha has acted in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi language films. After this, she played the role of Vijay’s mother in the recently released Warisu movie directed by Vamsi and starring Vijay.

Jayasudha, who is often seen in character roles, has been playing the role of mother to young heroes in recent times.

She has already acted as a heroine in many movies and has won the hearts of thousands of fans. In this situation, she has now started acting as a mother and elder sister to the young heroes.

jayasutha 3.avif

Also actress Jayasudha was married twice after her second husband died mysteriously and the incident created a huge stir and drew various kinds of criticism among many.

He is gay..

In this case, he liked the famous Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan very much. He wanted to marry him. But he gave up that desire when he realized that it would not happen.

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In addition to this, he also maturely revealed in the interview that he had an unknown crush on a Telugu actor.

I fell in love without knowing..

She has also fallen in love with a famous singer. It was only later that she found out that the singer was gay and then broke up with him too.

In addition to this, he has spoken interestingly about his love experiences in his life, but now some news has come out that he is joining YSR Congress and after that he is going to leave Congress and join BJP.

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This topic is currently going viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.

The reason for this is that actress Jayasuda, who loved many people as seen in the movies, has been talking with her friends about the difficulties she faced in her life without settling down.

After this matter is now spreading virally on the internet, they are sharing this matter with their friends.


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