Lokesh Kanagaraj who missed the film because of Coolie? Pradeep Ranganathan knocked out!

Lokesh Kanagaraj : It is said that Lokesh Kanagaraj has missed the opportunity to act in a film directed by a debutant director as he is directing Kooli with Rajinikanth.

Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is currently working hard to direct the film Kooli with actor Rajinikanth. The shooting of this film will also start soon. Lokesh Kanagaraj, who is busy with this film, recently got an opportunity to play the hero in a film.

Keerthishwaran, who worked as an assistant director to Sudha Kongara, will be directing a film. Talks were held with Lokesh Kanagaraj to play the hero in that film. After hearing the story of the film, director Lokesh Kanagaraj liked it very much.

But Lokesh Kanagaraj asked if he could do it after the completion of Kooli as he is a PC. Keerthishwaran said no and said that it will be fine if we shoot this film now. Then the producers said that if Nani acts in this film, we will buy him a call sheet and keep him.

To that, Keerthishwaran said no no, this story will only be done by a fresh face hero who is growing up. Only then, the talk about this film came with Pradeep Ranganathan. He also heard the story and said that the story is good and I am acting in the film.

It has also been reported that Mamita Baiju, who is famous for her role in Premalu, has been signed as the heroine in this film. If Lokesh Kanagaraj is acting in this film, he will definitely be an actor and the next film opportunities will be piled up for Lokesh Kanagaraj. However, Lokesh missed the opportunity to act in the film. This information was reported by a popular YouTube channel, Webchat. It is also expected that the official announcement of the film directed by Keerthishwaran and starring Pradeep Ranganathan will be released soon.


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