Heroine woman..! You will be shocked if you know who the hero is..!

Vanitha, who is seen as a controversial actress of Tamil cinema, has been receiving film opportunities and acting opportunities continuously since she participated as a contestant in Bigg Boss.

Especially by doing his own business and earning income from it. Meanwhile, he started a YouTube channel and earned substantial income by posting videos on it.

Actress Vanitha:

In this situation, the news that Vanitha Vijayakumar, who has also taken the avatar of an actress, is now committed to play the heroine in a film, is currently going viral on the internet.

vanitha 9

If you are asking what is the most surprising thing, the information about who is the hero who will be paired with Vanitha in the film is currently spreading virally on the internet.

Vanitha Vijayakumar is currently a contestant in Bigg Boss and is committed to a new film with the famous Robert Master.

There are reports that both of them have acted as a couple in the film. It is noteworthy that both of them were already living as husband and wife and later got separated.

Vanitha Spouse of Ex-Husband:

In this case, Vanitha Vijayakumar is once again paired with Robert Master in a movie and is being talked about virally on social media.

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The film is titled as “Mr and Mrs”. The shooting of the film has started in Bangkok. The Mariamman temple there was worshiped a few days ago.

Apart from this, actor Ravi Kantha will play the role of Vanitha’s father and Shakila will play the role of mother.

Premji and Telugu actor Sunil are also acting with them. Vanitha was saying that she wanted her daughter to be a heroine.

But now that she has become the heroine again, it is said that Jyothika will definitely play a small role in this film.

But reports suggest that Jovica will be in production for the film. Both Robert Master and Vanitha were living as husband and wife.

After getting separated due to differences of opinion, now they are back together again in a film, this issue is being talked about as a hot topic on social media.

Vanitha has said in several interviews that it was she who bought Robert Master the opportunity to participate as a contestant in Bigg Boss.

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But after he went to Bigg Boss, Vanitha fought with Rakshita inappropriately and claimed that he was in love with Rakshita.

Is Vanitha getting married again?

In several interviews about it, Vanitha scolded that he is doing everything except what I sent him in for.

At this time when Vanitha is taking a lot of ownership over Robert Master and looking after her with care, it is possible to guess that there may be some changes in their lives as they are joining together again in a movie.

Sources in the film industry say that maybe they will live together as husband and wife again, but there is nothing surprising about it.


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