Samsaram, is it electricity Sarojini? Look how they are now..!

1986 Tamil film Samsaram Atu Dilikum is considered to be the biggest hit in Tamil cinema.

The film will be directed by Vishu. The film remains a masterpiece and a favorite of many to this day.

They have shown the most realistic things happening in the family in such a realistic way.

Samsara is electricity:

Raghuvaran, Lakshmi, Delhi Ganesh and many others acted in the film. Especially Manorama’s performance was amazing and the fans praised him immediately.

samsaram adhu minsaram

Vishu had said that Manorama’s role was roped in because there were no comedy sequences in the film.

Perhaps, if it was not for such a comedy scene, the line “Kannamma… Kammunnu keta” would have gone unnoticed by many people.

Manorama’s flamboyant performance in the film attracted many fans.

Also, the fans appreciated that the actress Lakshmi’s performance in the film was amazing.

The film revolves around the eldest daughter-in-law as the joint family splits up and tries to reunite them.

Award winning film:

The film was a near critical and box office hit. It ran for 25 weeks in theaters and became a huge hit.

The film has garnered many awards including National Film Award for Best Film, Film Baer Award for Best Tamil Film, Cinema Express Awards and Best Actress for Lakshmi.

samsaram adhu minsaram 1

The same movie was released in Telugu and Malayalam and was a hit there too.

It was released under names including Samsaram Oka Chaturangam in Telugu and Kudumba Puranam in Malayalam.

Do you remember Sarojini?

Sarojini will play the role of an arrogant woman in this film. That character will never be forgotten by many.

Next to Lakshmi, Sarojini’s character was voiced in the film Samsaram Atu Dikriya.

Especially in Tamil, he used to act in pairs with small actors like Pandian, Suresh, Anand Babu, SV Shekhar.

samsaram adhu minsaram 2

Apart from Tamil, he acted in various films in Kannada as well. Meanwhile, after 2007-2008, he disappeared without getting opportunities.

The princess who is living away from the film industry is 54 years old. The princess is married to a bank officer named Gopal and lives a very happy family life.

He has a peaceful family life with a daughter and apart from that, his family photo which is living in Chennai ECR is attracting everyone’s attention.


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