Ilayaraja sent notice to ‘Manjummel Boys’ crew!

Manjummel Boyz, directed by Chidambaram S Buduwal, released a few months ago and collected more than 200 crores. Ilayaraja sent notice to 'Manjummel Boys' crew!When one of the friends on a trip to Kodaikanal falls into the Guna cave, what efforts do the friends make to save him? And what is the depth of friendship? Manjummel Boyz is the movie that said that emotionally.

Released in Malayalam, this film was well received by fans of all languages ​​beyond Kerala. At the same time Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Dhanush, Vikram etc. received appreciation from many actors. In this case, musician Ilayaraja has sent a notice to the production company of this film. Ilayaraja sent notice to 'Manjummel Boys' crew!In other words, the song ‘Kanmani Anbodu Valanthan’, which is featured in the movie Guna by actor Kamal Haasan, was featured in this film. It has been alleged that this song was used by the film team Manjummel Boys without the permission of Ilayaraja.

Accordingly, in the notice he sent, “According to copyright law Ilayaraja is the owner of that song. The song should be removed from the film. or to provide compensation for the same. Failure to do so will result in infringement of copyright laws.

It is to be noted that Ilayaraja had already sent a notice to Sun Pictures, the producer of Rajini’s Coolie.


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