Sridevi Ashok’s photos go viral by writing it on her pregnant belly..!

Actress Sridevi Ashok is a popular serial actress on Tamil television.

She is seen by Tamil cinema people as a famous serial actress who acted in various serials.

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In particular, he got one or two film opportunities and showed his acting skills by acting in them.

Serial Actress Sridevi:

Saravanan played the role of Mrs. in Pudukottai and after that she also acted in East Coast Road.

Meanwhile, she was seen as a famous serial actress by acting in various serials such as Chellamadi Nee Maadu, Kasthuri, Illasaasi, Thangam, Manada Mayilada, Privom Chandhom, Iru Malalar, En Bai Mangamma, Vani Rani, Sivasankari, Chitram Besuthadi, Kalyana Pari.

He also became famous by acting in Raja Rani series. Currently, he is acting in serials such as Baratukkili and Poove Unakak, Kawarukku Enna Veli and Talatu.

Sridevi, who has been seen as a popular serial actress by acting in various successful serials, continues to act despite getting film opportunities from time to time.

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Sridevi pregnant again:

Meanwhile, she fell in love with Ashok Chintala and got married. They have a beautiful daughter and Sridevi is now pregnant again for the second time.

Life of most serial actresses does not go well. They also do not live properly together with the family.

Most of the actresses who act in serials think of fame and money and leave their lives behind.

But that is not the case with Sridevi, as her husband and children are very important to her.

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Counting in Pregnant Belly:

When he comes home after acting in serials, he spends all his time with his family as the most important thing. This is why Sridevi has her own fan base.

Sridevi regularly posts beautiful pictures of herself with her family and cute videos of her daughter on her social media accounts.

In this case, when she was pregnant for a full month, she has published some photos where she drew a monthly calendar on her pregnant belly and counted each day.

It is noteworthy that this photo of actress Sridevi Ashok is currently going viral on the internet.


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