Is the total collection of ‘Star’ this much?

Actor Gavin Tata has been acting in many films since his huge success. Is the total collection of 'Star' this much?In that way, he has many films like Mask, Bloody Becker, Kiss etc. Meanwhile, Gavin acted in the movie Star directed by Pyaar Prema Kadhal director Ilan. Lal, Geetha Kailasam, Preethi Mukundan, Aditi Bohankar, Lollu Saba Maran and others acted in this along with Gavin. While the film was produced by Rice East, Yuvan Shankar Raja had composed the music for it. The film was released worldwide on May 10 with much anticipation. The film was based on how a young man who is going towards a goal overcomes the problems that arise in his life. Although the film was well received by critics, it lagged behind at the box office. Is the total collection of 'Star' this much?This means that the movie Palace 4 released on May 3rd is moving towards success in terms of collections and critics. But it has been reported that Gavin’s Star movie has collected up to 25 crores so far. However, it is said that this film is a hit film as it has collected more than that even though it was made with a budget of 7 crores. Let’s wait and see how many crores this film collects in the coming days.


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