Couch colored nighty.. Fruits hanging on the bed.. Actress Sita holding it in her hand..! Viral video..!

Actress Sita, who started her film career in the 1980s, started acting in the early days without any desire to act in films.

Seetha 2 2

He made his debut in Tamil with the movie Aan Bhavam and has held a permanent place in the hearts of fans with his outstanding performance.

Actress Seetha..

After Sita started acting with charm in some films, she listened to director Imayam Balachander who made her realize that she has an image and acted with charm when the film required it without showing too much charm.

After giving an excellent performance in Unnall Moola Thambi with Kamal Haasan, he continued to act in films like Vetri Mel Vetri, Marutubandi, Ayaar Pooke Malarattumm, Parijatham and New Pathan.

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After falling in love with the director Parthiban while acting in the film New Pathan, she ran away from home and married the director Parthiban after seeking the consent of her parents and not getting their consent.

Hanging fruits..

After this, after a difference of opinion with the director Parthipan, she divorced Parthipan and once again married a serial actor and that life was set properly.

Currently living alone, he is able to pay full attention to setting up a terraced garden and maintaining the garden, and the fact that he is holding a fig tree with his hand and holding the fig tree that is ripening has impressed many people.

Even today, the fans who are saying that actress Sita shines with the same intensity, have interspersed the talk of Athipapalam Alaga or this beauty.


And Sita, who is standing as if holding these fig pictures and talking, says that if these fruits ripen, how many monkeys will come and eat this fruit. He is saying that if there is another life, he should take such a birth.

Hand holding in couch color nighty..

And while many fans are saying that he has shown a religious image in a yellow nightie holding a fig tree, this video has been released after watching his speech.

And some fans have made this video viral by talking words like yellow nighty, ripe fruits hanging, actress Sita standing in her hand.

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Currently, any photo that is viewed the most on the Internet has become a talking point among fans, so Rathi and all of them are constantly looking at this photo.

Some other fans are also appreciating the efforts of actress Sita to set up a floor garden even though there is no opportunity in cinema at present and while describing the benefits of it, they are emphasizing that the awareness about floor garden will spread among the people very soon.

If you want to watch this video, just click on the link below.


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