Jyotika Suriya’s blasted panchayat.. It will not be fixed anymore.. Suriya who left the film..!

Actress Jyothika was seen as a popular star actress in Tamil cinema during the 26th period.

A native of Mumbai, he first started acting in Hindi films. But his first Hindi film turned out to be a huge flop.

Due to this, he did not get subsequent films in Hindi. After the failure of his first film, he has been looking for further opportunities.

Actress Jyothika:

Also, after going through many production companies, your first film is a failure after seeing his first film.

So I told him straight to his face that you have no chance, so he didn’t get any opportunities there.


Jyotika is not the only actor who acted in that first film, the actor, comedian, producer, director, how come no one got films.

It is seen as normal. If the first film fails for someone then they will take that film as an example.

Jyotika was very disappointed because of this. It was then that he started looking for opportunities in South Indian films.

Rehabilitation given by Tamil cinema:

After entering Tamil cinema, he started acting in many successful films. She has acted in many films especially as a heroine.

Tamil cinema began to celebrate him by choosing a very compelling role for his character.

This gave Jyotika great confidence in Tamil cinema. As he was denied opportunities in North Indian cinema, he came to South Indian cinema as an expression of his anger and here he chose and acted in good stories.

Jyothika quickly rose to the status of leading star actresses. After that, he fell in love with and married Surya, who was a star actress here.

She has almost become a Tamil girl and at some point Bollywood filmmakers also believed that Jyothika is a South Indian girl.

Jyotika as a Mumbai resident again:

He has been acting in films again and again and again as a second innings and now after many years he has gone to Mumbai and is acting in Hindi films.

surya jyothika

Jyothika, who has been acting in movies continuously, has settled there with her family.

Surya is not only settled with his family as children, but Surya has started meeting many brothers there and is crawling as a small businessman.

Not only that, he has bought a huge bungalow house in Bandra. At this time, Suriya suddenly withdrew from Puranahunu, which was to be directed by Sudha Kongura with Suriya.

Suriya rejects Purananuru movie:

Anti-Hindi is said to be the main reason for this. Purananooru movie had very aggressive lines about anti-Hindi and Hindi protests.

Hindi niya pota verses were important for a very poignant story. Jyotika does not like this.

Due to this, Jyothika has asked to remove some scenes and dialogues from the film and this has made Sudha Kongura very angry.

I am the third person directing the story. Suriya has started new businesses in Mumbai and is living almost as a resident of Mumbai.

At this time, reports say that Puranahunu walked away from the film because if he acted in anti-Hindi films, we would be crushed.

Not only that, the third director of Surya’s Purananooru film went for a year and asked for some feedback.


Directors on Surya’s Fury:

Reports say that when Sudha Kongura came to know about this, he went to extremes of anger and removed him from Suriyave Walan in my film.

Similarly, Suriya has also rejected the film Vadivasal. Because Aamir is acting in that movie. As Aamir had parallel scenes with Suriya, Suriya asked him to remove Aamir and cast another actor.

But Vethimaran did not even listen to it. It is noteworthy that earlier Aamir and Suriya had a huge problem during the movie Baruthiveeran and the two did not talk to each other.


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