Vijay TV Priyanka who read the letter of the 3-month-old child..! Exposed kidnapping drama..!

PJ Priyanka is seen as a popular host on Vijay TV and has the status of being the biggest star heroine.

Before coming to Vijay TV, she acted in several short films and later she has hosted small programs on many televisions like Zee Tamil, Sun TV, Chutti TV, Sun Music, Star Vijay.

VJ Priyanka:

Initially, VJ Priyanka who lost her father at the age of 11 is forced to take responsibility for her family.

vj priyanka 1

It was at this time that PJ Priyanka studied WISCOM in Ethiraj College and after that did MC and earned 5,000 per month.

Later, by hosting small programs on television, he earned Rs. 500, 1000 daily income started.

Priyanka, who is a comedian and humorist by birth, has got an opportunity to host on television.

Priyanka on family burden:

No matter how great the difficulties in life may be, he keeps everyone who depends on him completely happy without revealing it.

That’s how he suddenly went out with his friends. He pranked everyone there by pretending that he had been kidnapped.

vj priyanka

Then he made everyone there laugh by saying, “Let’s see who will come and save me.” He did this almost six years ago.

It was much talked about then. Even though it’s such a serious subject, Priyanka turns it into a great comedy.

Innate sense of humor:

Priyanka became hugely popular through shows including Olly Belly Super Singer, which got her a chance to host Vijay TV.

Through this he also raised his family from poverty to earn substantial income.

He used to watch and do many things that his mother and younger brother liked. Meanwhile, Vijay Priyanka fell in love with Praveen Kumar, who worked with her in Vijay TV.

But married life was not happy for him and both of them decided to live separately and got divorced.

Divorce with husband:

It was then that PJ Priyanka decided to participate in Bigg Boss. He was experiencing the greatest tragedy and year in his life.

Later Vijay participated in TV Bigg Boss show thinking that everything will be alright.

vj priyanka 2

It was at that time that Priyanka was told that her younger brother’s wife was pregnant.

not only that. When Priyanka goes to the Bigg Boss house, she tells him that it is a letter from her three-month-old unborn child… in Little Socks, “My dear Jia, I love you so much.” When you came back from Bigg Boss, I would have grown well in my mother’s womb. His younger brother gave him a letter that said I am waiting for you.

Priyanka was pleasantly surprised to see that and read that letter every day for almost 90 days in Bigg Boss house.

This happened without anyone knowing. Later, when he came out of that house, his brother gave birth to a daughter, and that child gave him great happiness.

Three Month Fetus Letter:

Priyanka has spoken very emotionally in many interviews saying that everything that makes my family happy is my younger daughter.

Not only that, it was Priyanka’s younger daughter Eva who made her very happy mentally when she was separated from her husband.

So I will do whatever I want for her, Priyanka said in an emotional interview that she is my first child in my world.


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