Men tie the knot in 5 minutes.. But.. Women.. Rachita Mahalakshmi misses..!

Rachita is one of the many celebrities who became famous among the masses through Vijay TV. He became famous among the people through Saravanan Meenakshi serial telecast on Vijay TV.

Actress Rachita was born in Karnataka. At first he acted in small screen serials in Karnataka. He was well received there. After that, his name began to be mentioned among Tamil television companies.

Welcome to Small Screen:

It was at this stage that Rachita made her debut among the Tamil people through the serial Privom Chandhom on Vijay TV. The serial got a good response on TRP level.



As far as Vijay TV is concerned, if a celebrity in it starts becoming popular among the people, then Vijay TV will start nurturing them.

In this situation, she got an opportunity to play the heroine in the second part of Saravanan Meenakshi. Meanwhile, Rachita who was in love with serial actor Dinesh got married to him.

Bigg Boss Entry:

Vijay TV Bigg Boss is a show that makes celebrities more popular than serials. Because even those who don’t watch serials watch Bigg Boss. In that way, Rachita participated as a contestant in Bigg Boss season six.

He was well received. In the season that followed, Rachita’s husband Dinesh also appeared on Bigg Boss. There he apologized to his wife.



Image Opportunity:

After being a contestant on Bigg Boss, Rachita also got opportunities to act in films. After that he is acting in the movie Fire.

Apart from these, he is also acting in some other films. In a recent interview, Rachita said, “For men, if it means leaving for a place, they will leave in five minutes.

But it takes 30 minutes for the girls to leave. Usually all the men leave early. It’s nostalgic when you see it. It is delayed because women take too much time for their clothes,” said Rachita.


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