One actress for one night.. 1000 people were targeted.. Cheta was caught by showing Cheta..!

You know very well that many actors in the film world are bad when it comes to women. In that way, now the matter of the Malayalam actor has come to the outside world.

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Don’t you want to know what the situation is after this? In the case of women, you can know in detail about the matter of the top Malayalam actor for the league in this post.

An actress for a night..

This actor, who is one of the most important actors in the film, is known to be so-and-so when it comes to women.

Isn’t this the age where this actor who has a lot of fans can touch the love? That’s frowned upon actions.

Also, this actor who has a lot of fans not only in Malayalam film but also in Tamil cinema, even though he got a good name by acting in a star actor’s film, he went in vain due to this matter.

Recently, the heir actor’s daughter Aadi watched the game and tried to reach him and did bad things. The video went viral on the internet and ruined his name.

A thousand people are the target..

In this situation, a film journalist has puttu, puttu, things about this Malayalam actor. In it, the Malayalam actor shocked by saying that he has a target of reaching 1000 women in his diary.

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After this it means that one day, one woman is the account. He also has a habit of writing down women’s names in his diary.

In this way, if he achieves his target, he has a habit of celebrating by throwing a success party.

Data caught in the hand..

Also, whoever wants to sit on the set and tell the producer or his PA, the Malayalam actor will be the backup along with the actress.

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He has said that he conducts his leelas in a private bungalow so that this secret does not get out. So many actresses are scared to pair up with this Malayalam actor.

After this, after the film journalist openly stated this matter in an interview, are all such incidents happening in the film world? Is this all a ruse to keep the fans thinking on one side? It also begs the question.

And this thing is going viral on the internet and has become a talking point among the fans.


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