When Asin gave birth to a child.. that actor did..! The husband who broke the secret of many years..!

After being a leading actress in Kollywood, actress Asin is an amazing actress who has carved a niche for herself by going to Bollywood.

A native of Kerala, tens of thousands of fans were waiting to see his eye movement.

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Actress Asin got married to industrialist Rahul Sharma when she was at her peak in the film industry. He has a daughter.

When Asin’s baby was born..

Actress Asin completely left the film industry after her marriage. In this situation, reports came out that he was going to get a divorce and created a stir.

After this, Asin’s husband is currently trending on social media. You can read a detailed report about it in this post.

Actress Asin made her debut in the Tamil film industry with M Kumaran’s film Son of Mahalakshmi. In this film, she acted as a Kerala girl and spoke Malayalam Tamil and attracted the fans.

Moreover, Ayyada, the verse spoken by him, also became famous. Following this, many film opportunities came to Asin. In that way, he acted with leading actors like Kamal, Vijay, Ajith, Surya, Vikram.

asin 2He has been very busy in the film industry for a period of time to the extent that the films in which he appeared in acting were released continuously and it can be said that he hit the Asin wave.

Especially till today, the fans cannot forget the character of Kalpana that she played in the film Ghajini. That size holds a permanent place in their hearts.

The work done by that actor..

Apart from Tamil films, he has also acted in Hindi films and has acted in pairs with Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. At that time, she fell in love with and married Rahul Sharma, who was the CEO of Micromax.

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It must be said that he did not get the reception he got in South Indian films in Hindi films. His films like Housebull, Ready, Bol Bachchan, Killadi 786 did not give him the expected success.

The husband who broke the secret of many years..

In this case, while Asin’s husband Rahul Sharma, who attended one of the functions, was speaking, Akshay Kumar called me often at the time of my daughter’s birth and told me to tell him when the baby is born.

After this, when the baby was born, I called him first. Called and told brother it was good news. To which he said Pentastic.

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He decided to come to Kochi immediately after the birth of Asin’s child and he kept the plane ready. He joined before my family did.

After telling this matter, all the fans not only listened to this matter but also shared it with their friends. After this, the matter became the most talked about topic on the internet.


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