Sivakarthikeyan will replace Vijay! Famous producer talk!

Sivakarthikeyan: Producer Manikam Narayanan has said that Sivakarthikeyan will take his place after Vijay leaves cinema.

It can be said that actor Vijay is one of the box office king in Tamil cinema now. It is not even necessary to tell about how much his films are collecting. However, as Vijay has started a political party, he is likely to contest the assembly elections to be held in 2026.

Hence, he is going to quit cinema after completing his 69th film due to his foray into politics. Due to this, the question of which hero is going to take Vijay’s place and who is next to him is being raised on social media.

In this environment, many are saying that Sivakarthikeyan will take Vijay’s place. In a recent interview, Manikam Narayanan, the famous producer who produced the film ‘Hunter’, has openly said that Sivakarthikeyan will take Vijay’s place.

Speaking about this, Manikam Narayanan said, “Looking at Sivakarthikeyan’s current market, I would say that there is a high chance that he will take his place after Vijay. I will say this clearly. Now I am saying this based on watching his films,” said producer Manikam Narayanan.


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