Suddenly angry KS Ravikumar..! Bad word on the stage.. Sarathkumar shocked…!

KS Ravikumar is a famous director in Tamil cinema. He has also been a film producer.

Especially in Tamil, he became a famous director by directing various successful films and set records of collections in crores of films.

Director KS Ravikumar:

His films are known to be huge hits at the box office upon release. After working as an associate director with director Vikraman, he got to know the ins and outs of film directing and later took the reins as a director.

Meanwhile, he is also acting as a character actor in many films. In the year 1990, he directed the movie Puriyatha Pujad with Raghuman.

k s ravikumar1

Followed by Charan Pandyan, Buddha, Pudu Yatra, Bondati Rajjiyam, Surya Chandra, Nattami, Big Family, Muthu, Avvai Shanmukhi, Pistha, Padayappa, Swayamvaram, Electric Khanna, Denali Panchatantram, Opposite Hero, Dasavatharam, Aadhavan, Cupid’s Arrow, Linga etc. He was seen as a famous actor of Tamil cinema who directed mega hit movies.

You will be surprised to see him directing so many big hit films.

KS Ravikumar as character actor:

He was seen as a popular director in Tamil cinema by directing huge hit films with such a simple look.

In the meantime, he has become famous as an actor by playing character roles in various films.

His journey as an actor began in the year 1986 in the film Ayaal Pooke Malaratum. Especially in many movies like Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, Thanga Makan, Remo, Komali, he has also acted in Gunachitra Vedas and has earned a place in the hearts of people as an actor.

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Meanwhile, KS Ravikumar, who is busy acting, recently appeared in an interview for a YouTube channel.

Popular actor Sarathkumar also participated with him and shared many things about film making and film experiences.

KS Ravikumar scolded by bad words:

Then the anchor asked AKS Ravikumar that we have heard that you used to curse everyone on the sets.

KS Ravikumar who didn’t say bad words to that? As soon as he left here, he said that all the bad words spoken should be normal and he spoke the bad words fluently.

k s ravikumar2 1

And… I will tell you to hurry up to be with me. I don’t know if this is a bad word, he spoke very easily and casually.

Hearing this from the side, actor Sarathkumar Shema gave a shocking reaction. Even though Anker was a bit nervous when he asked this question. Many people are insulting KS Ravikumar for talking bad things like this, knowing that it is a YouTube channel that is going to be watched by many people.

However, people in the know say that this is a very normal thing in the film industry.


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