Suri’s ‘karuda’ flying high in collection!

Actor Suri is popular among fans with the film Vanilla Kabadi Team starring Vishnu Vishal. Suri's 'karuda' flying high in collection!Actor Suri from that film was called Barotta Suri. After that, he made a name for himself by acting as a comedian in many films. But now actor Suri Barotta has changed from Suri to hero Suri.

That is, he acted as the protagonist of the movie Vithuthya which was released under the direction of Suri Vetermaran. This film was a big breakthrough for Suri and he has been acting as a hero in many subsequent films.Suri's 'karuda' flying high in collection! In that way, he has films such as Vithuthya 2 and Kotukkali. At the same time, Suri acted in the movie Garudan directed by Durai Senthilkumar. It stars Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Unni Mukundan and many other stars along with Suri.

Produced and written by Vetiramaran, this film was screened on May 31. It has been receiving positive reviews since the first day of its release. And in this film, actor Suri is making his debut as an action hero and is receiving praise from various quarters. Suri's 'garuda' flying high in collection!In that way, this film is getting support from fans day by day and high collection. According to the current information, Garudan movie has collected up to 18 crores worldwide and in Tamil Nadu alone it has collected more than 15 crores. It is expected that the collection of the film will increase in the coming days.


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