The blow fell on the bride on the wedding table… The groom was stunned..!

Marriage in general varies from person to person and culture varies from state to state.

In that way, marriage is seen as something unforgettable by many people.

The rituals performed for the marriage continue for almost ten days.

A conversation at a wedding:

It will be a very memorable event for the bride and groom. The events will be etched in their minds to be revisited again and again throughout their lives.

wedding scaled

In such a way, once upon a time, two families would get married in a very peaceful manner.

But nowadays, with the development of technology, wedding events are being staged to become more comedy and laughter for their liking.

In the wedding ceremony, dancing, singing and dancing are starting to become like a festival. This is welcomed by most of the people.

For that they spend lakhs of money and get married. In such a growing situation, marriage has become a luxury.

Wedding events that become comedy:

Since the development of technology, even the scenes of the first night are filmed and published without even knowing what to video.

While arranging for the first night, friends, relatives and others join together and take videos of them making faces and publish them and make them viral on the internet.

Even though it is not visible, it is now in the taste of people.

wedding 2

Just like that, a video of a woman trying to vomit on the wedding table while the groom was sitting next to her and a relative tried to slap the bride on the cheek is going viral on the internet.

Plaar to the Vomiting Bride:

Due to this, the wedding celebration has caused disaster. During the ritual a relative gives the bride a drink to drink.

After giving it to the bride, she vomits. Immediately when he tries to take it, the relative reaches out to beat the bride.

Immediately the groom stops him and then looks innocently. This video has gone viral on the internet.

No matter what, the bride should be very happy on her wedding day. Isn’t there a limit to doing this while tying the thali? As netizens are criticizing and pushing away. Here is the video:


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