You should not open your mouth about your ex-husband.

Singer Suchitra, who participated in Bigg Boss Season 4 aired on Vijay TV, worked as a radio jockey in the early days.

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After this he got an opportunity to sing in films and he is widely known as RJ Suchi.

Singer Suchitra..

He has also sung more than a hundred songs in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu films and has earned a place in the hearts of his fans.

In this case, she fell in love with stand-up comedian and actor Karthik Kumar while she was a top playback singer in the screen world.

After this, they have been living separately due to differences of opinion between them, and after their divorce, Suchi published intimate photos of famous people in the film industry under the title of Leaks.

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Seeing this, not only the film industry but also many people frowned, who could have made serious accusations against every famous person.

Do not open your mouth about your ex-husband.

In this case, while this Suchi Leaks issue is taking shape and exploding, she recently gave an interview to a YouTube channel and has made very bad allegations about her ex-husband Karti Kumar.

Apart from that, he exposed the miseries and crimes committed against women in the screen world and gave a big shock by talking about the wine party given by the movie stars.

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In this case, this incident has become a topic of discussion not only on the internet but also among many people, and her ex-husband has filed a case against singer Suchitra who has made serious allegations against Karthik Kumar.

A heavy blow fell on Suchitra..

It is noteworthy that in this case, the Madras High Court has imposed an interim injunction on singer Suchitra from expressing her views on actor Karthik Kumar.

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After this, she made a series of accusations against her husband as an interloper and actor Dhanush, Vishal Andrea, Trisha etc.

In this case, many fans who have learned that singer Suchitra has been banned from speaking defamatory information about her ex-husband, are these things true? Isn’t it? They are thinking that such a restraining order has been imposed before they know it.


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