The scandal that happened in Cupid’s fake relationship scene.. Simbu panicked.. Yuvan broke the secret..!

Not much needs to be said about Simbu aka Silambarasan, son of DR Rajendran, a multi-talented director, actor and music composer.

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Like his father, he is multi-talented and fondly called as Little Superstar by his fans, Silambarasan started acting as a child star in the film industry.

Actor Simbu..

After this, he entered the world of Tamil cinema as a hero, and because of his unique style and style, he has made a place for himself among tens of thousands of fans and is sitting on the throne.

However, after giving several successful films, Simbu’s film opportunities decreased after he indulged in activities like going late to the shooting spot due to bad habits.

In this case, he is one of the leading actors in the movie Ventu Taninatha Gadu, who has given the world of Tamil cinema without recompense..

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After this, in a recent interview, Yuvan Shankar has gone viral on the internet by sharing his experience in Raja Manmadhan in detail and explanation.

Manmadhan fake relationship scene..

No one can easily forget his performance in the movie Manmadhan, which was released in the role of Little Star Simbu and stunned everyone by playing a double role.

In a recent interview, Yuvan Shankar Raja shared his experience about such a scene in Manmadhan.

Heroine Sindhu Dulani will tell Simbu that I was doing combined studies with him when he saw Simbu betraying Simbu.

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I had written a comedic piece of music for that scene. It was a very sensitive serious scene and the whole meaning of the scene was affected by the work I did on that scene.

Yuvan broke Simbu’s secret..

I didn’t know when I first heard it. After the re-recording was over, Simbu watched this scene sitting in my studio. At that time, when the heroine was said to be combining studies, I had added a music called Drawing which was a comedy.

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On hearing this, Simbu asked an enemy, what are you doing? Only then did the depth of the scene become known. Yuvan Shankar Raja has recorded that we have removed one Rajaji music.

After this this matter has now gone viral on the internet and has become a talking point among the fans.


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