That part of me has weakened.. but.. that desire.. Samira Reddy spoke without shyness..!

Born and brought up in a Telugu family in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Sameera Reddy was born in 1982.

He completed his schooling from Bombay Karthik Spelling in Mumbai and then did his graduation from Sydenham College there.

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After this, she made her debut in Pangas Udasin’s music TV show Aur Aahista in the early days, after which she got the attention of Bollywood films and acted in a Bollywood film in 2002.

Actress Sameera Reddy..

Apart from Bollywood movies, Sameera Reddy has also made a name for herself among the fans by acting in Telugu and some Tamil movies.

In that way, the actor impressed the fans by acting in the Tamil movie Varanam Ayaar with Suriya.

In this film, she played Meghna, a self-confident and modest girl.

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She is working hard to become the best leading actress in Bollywood and has not only acted in Bengali films but also in Telugu and Malayalam films.

She was nominated for the Vijay Award for Best Debut Actress for her performance in the Gautham Menon-directed film Vanaram Ayaar. And in 2009, he acted in the movie Asaal.

That part of me has become weak..

He can be very busy on social media, his speech in a recent video has created a stir among fans.

This is because many people are posting sarcastic comments saying that you look like an old man when you see me in this video.

The answer to this is that I am old. I am a mother of two children and my body has grown.

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My thighs are sagging. I have a belly too. My hair is gray but I still feel attractive.

Speech without shyness..

as well as My thoughts on me have never aged.. I have not lost an iota of my passion for things like romance..

And he said that no one can stop me from feeling attractive. This speech is currently going viral on the internet and has become a talking point among fans.

After this, all the fans have welcomed the opinion that she is not too old for her self-confidence and thoughts about herself even after being a mother of two children.

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After this, all the netizens are congratulating Sameera Reddy as the fans are not only watching this video interview but also sharing it with their friends.

It can be said that her interview is an example that no matter how old women are, if they have positive thoughts like this, they can easily achieve success goals in life.


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