Attadi.. What a body.. Is this a swimsuit for a body with a body..? Anasuya screams..!

Anasuya Bharadwaj, who worked as a television anchor, is famous for acting in Telugu films. He became famous among the fans by acting in films like Sanam and Rangasthalam.

anasuya 2An MBA graduate, after working as an HR executive, she turned down early film opportunities and later worked as a dubbing artist when she worked as a television anchor on Sakshi TV.

Anasuya Bharadwaj..

He became famous for playing Willy in the recently released blockbuster Pushpa. You may remember that the film was a Sukumar and Allu Arjun collaboration.

Anasuya is one of the actresses who came from the small screen to the big screen and is famous for hosting many super hit shows on the small screen.

He got married in 2010 and has two sons while he is still famous on the small screen.

anasuya 1Even after marriage, she is a fan favorite actress who can alternate between small screen and big screen.

In this case, he acted as Willy in Pushpa and is also acting in the second part of Pushpa. After this, we can say that this film will surely attract the fans.

What a bad body.. this is a swimsuit..

Anasuya Bharadwaj, who is very busy on social media, often wears colorful clothes and posts pictures to impress her fans.

She has been playing the role of Tatsaini in Pushpa 2 and has been earning name and fame by doing whatever character role she gets on the small screen and big screen.

Moreover, all the netizens frowned at the photos that he is currently posting on social media pages after conducting a photo shoot.

anasuya 5Each and every one of these glamorous photos not only captivates the hearts of the fans but also makes the eyes go towards the place no matter how restrained it is.

Screaming fans..

The tattoo placed above the chest area is clearly visible as it looks like it was done with an accordion and the fans are left wondering what to do.

A few more fans showed a small gap in the water as they stood and laughed and made everyone wobble. As a result, they are recording in the comments that the drug has gone up without hitting the cargo.

anasuya 4Since these photos have a lot of glamor in the photos published by him so far, all the fans kept looking at the photo and turned it into one of the viral photos on the internet.

If you see this photo, you will definitely like it. And you will not only see this photo but also share it with your friends and splash it on the internet.


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